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Have your students shadow scientists for a day!

Lesson plans and associated resources are available as Microsoft Word documents that address various aspects of the ‘Day in Science’ course. The course was taught at the University of New South Wales in 2003 to eighty-plus, second-year science students. It was refined in 2004 and refined further for 2005.

These materials cover:

Process and Production
Lesson Plans

If you have a sense of what to have your students do, then proceed with your own approach. It will be intriguing to compare the variety of teaching strategies and the different styles of contributions from different parts of the world. Diversity will illustrate how others might have their students participate, as well.

Please e-mail: wwds@unsw.edu.au for these files.


More Role Models?

Want to find out more about high achievers and good role models in Australian science? Check out the website for the Clunies Ross Awards. Each year, the awards are presented to a half-dozen scientists, engineers, and medical researchers. Winners have been particularly inventive and dedicated, from developing techniques to improve animal breeding to refining technology that can warn a driver who is about to fall asleep.

The foreword for the 2005 contribution from Australian students, A Day in the Life of Science in Australia, was written by Clunies Ross award winner and Australian of the Year 2005, Fiona Wood, MD.



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