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Who works in science & Why?

What captivated them when young?

See what university students discovered in:

Uruguay ---- Spain ---- Scotland ---- Australia ---- etc. ...

Find the high points in science on April 12th below.

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first principles

read Popular Science science entrepreneur
studied arts at uni science TV
wanted to be a vet mech engineer

liked science & writing science communicator

psychology high school student
chem, bio, art, photo, gadgets flow cytometrist
fine arts degree science & innovation officer, British High Commission

solve famine teaches biotech at uni

loved flying philosophy PhD student
"university of life" science communicator
history, philosophy, maths maths professor

sports teaches science communication

5 million e-mails science comm on gene technology
good at lab work honours research in astrobiology
started in biotechnology astronomy PhD student
didjeridu article in Nature physics professor

home economics & chem PhD student in neuroscience

glass sculptor
& sales mgr.
masters student in science communication
chem, maths, physics,
... & law China's "Mr Science"


chemistry at dinner table
environmental engineer

decided at age 9 astronomy professor
biology & legal studies muscle cell research
chem set & microscope microbial genetics

found article on CERN particle physicist

physics & maths beautiful "science tourist"
loved learning to explain mechanical eng professor
"do THAT for a living!" oceanographer

marine science science communicator

science, maths, medicine, music, & song writing medical student
good writer, liked science science magazine editor
a muddy hole in Scotland archaeologist

doctor, physio, or forensic science honours student in biotech/molecular biology

music, aircraft, flight artificial intelligence
elec. eng. with mates teaches science entrepeneurship
all science, farms, help humanity professor of plant breeding
electromagnets at age 8 Nobel Prize winner for bugs that cause ulcers

astronomer at age 3 astronomy professor

loved the outdoors sci comm on water quality research
built radio at age 9 design electric motors


medical research
science communicator

women in science molecular oncology
laser scientist science museum curator
physio, vet, or radiologist student in exercise science

friends, solving problems trainer & science enrichment educator

computer games astronomer
talk about plants science communicator
computer science, ... environmental educator

smell of father's workshop particle physicist

wanted to be a vet entomologist
walk into lecture any time high school student
maths, games, puzzles biometrician

how things work -- biological or mechanical cancer gene research

started as biologist software for genetics & bioinformatics
no idea, science & arts science entrepeneurship teacher
better at science, love agriculture molecular geneticist
forensic science medical science student

biology +, chem ~,
-- gene ontology

veterinarian cancer research
farms & forests agronomist


students complete the picture
high school student

gazed at clouds climatologist
learn by doing biodiversity officer
food industry, nutrition PhD student in medical research

creative, critical, precise, analytical, inform & entertain laser physics

a "thing" for science & talking science DJ
biology, animals biodiversity officer
writing, animals, chemistry science communicator

creatures in a drop of water science news centre director

magnets, mirrors, magnifying glass, machines, plants, violin medical research
maths, history, English,music, chem physics professor
marine biology fish farming

unsure in high school pscyhology -- clinical/organisational

make a difference conservation biology
cousin's algebra homework science museum curator
always loved animals zoo keeper
work experience in applied physics PhD student - optical physics

sick of work as secretary speech pathology

wanted to help people medical sonographer
obsessed with food food scientist

need for speed
aerodynamics PhD student

had a duck vet on Falkland Islands
applications of science clinical psych postgrad
one amazing teacher medical research PhD student

Mechano sets meteorologist

surfing and science surf forecaster
space missions weather educator
music, sport, maths, physics, chem paper process engineer

English & biology psychology academic

no lab rat patent attorney
structure of words in different languages psychology professor
music & English psychology academic

planned to be a physicist psychology professor

engineering, science, creativity semiconductor research PhD student
enthusiastic about learning cancer research
understand the environment environmental adviser
first, teaching museum education officer

biology & chemistry biochemistry PhD student

first, an apprenticeship parks research officer
want to be a scientist science communication & ecology student

zoology or botany?

hated biology virology PhD student
great chem teacher medical sci & chiropractic student
creative solutions computer science student

was medical student immunologist

transformers, cranes, heavy machinery electrical engineer
sheep shearing to ... biological science academic
science -> surprise airport operations manager

health professional dental surgeon

top maths student computer systems admin mgr.
travel the world gene researcher / academic
wanted challenges! IT systems analyst

drawn by girlfriend clinical child psychologist

chemistry crazy testing quality of herbal remedies
fish professor of fisheries research
passion for oceans physical oceanographer
nature & wildlife reptile biologist

no science degree forensic investigator

golf or police forensic investigator
applied science crime scene examiner

father wanted me in science

science, science, science cell biologist
nutrition Director of Nutrition Australia
science anti-nuclear campaigner

psychology science communicator

also a mother intensive care registrar
fascinated by human behaviour psychology PhD student
evidence, logic, behaviour psychology PhD student

not particularly interested in science psychology PhD student

fascinated by insects PhD study of ageing in crickets
adding knowledge environmental science PhD student
revolutionise healthcare biomedical engineering PhD student

alternative medicine clinical osteopathy student

never bored professor of anatomy & human biology
love that science is revolutionary editor of science magazine
parents in science microbiology PhD student
genetics & molecular biology molecular biologist

art, maths, science Info Technology academic

geriatrics psychiatrist psychology of bullying PhD student
high school students invade university Yr 10 in high school

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